Friday, July 18, 2014

Win $500 Playing ARS VICTOR at Pacificon 2014


Yup, it's that time again -- time for a GRAND TOURNAMENT of CRUSHING!

I am thrilled to announce our fourth annual ARS VICTOR GRAND TOURNAMENT at Pacificon 2014!  Come join us for the ultimate weekend of ARS VICTOR -- there's no entry fee, and anyone can win!

Come enjoy three days of Ars Victor open play, followed by high-powered Sunday playoffs.  Add a couple heaping side-orders of tactics and sneak previews.  We'll be running a strategy seminar, showing off some new units in development, and all sorts of other fun things!

Find out about the $500 Grand Tournament at the ARS VICTOR web site >>

I'll bet you didn't know that Medium Infantry
and Sirens were big fans of hip-hop.

Get a Six Pack!

To jump start the competitive scene, we're now offering an ARS VICTOR Organized Play Package!  You get a great deal on six ARS VICTOR LIMITED EDITION games, eight FIRST WAVE PROMO PACKS, and two full passes to the $500 GRAND TOURNAMENT!

This offer is available to anyone -- it doesn't matter if you're a game store, an organized club, or just a bunch of friends that have good taste in games.

Get All The Ars Victors in the Organized Play Package >>

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