Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kickstarter Complete -- Great Success!

Note: while I was running the Kickstarter campaign, I did all of my updates there.  Here's the update I made right after the campaign closed...

First of all: thank you, everyone, for making Ars Victor possible!
Last Saturday, the campaign ended well ahead of its goal: $20,881 dollars were raised for our first print run. We reached our first stretch goal -- Printed Dice -- and we unlocked four new Early Mobilization units. Aly and I took a couple days to catch up on sleep*, and now we're back! Its time to get Ars Victor into your hot, sweaty hands!

We didn't quite reach the $23k goal for Engraved Dice. Don't lose hope! We're working on deals with distributors to expand our initial print run. I should know more by next week.

This Month's Schedule

From now until the end of the month, we're focusing on final production tweaks and fixes. Over the next couple of days, I will be setting up a couple of things to collected detailed input and feedback. Apparently, we only get to send ONE Kickstarter backer survey -- so we're going to wait until right before we ship to do that.
I will also be playtesting the heck out of the Early Mobilization units. They need to be included in the volume print run, so they need to be done before anything else.

Party Like Its 19,999

In the grim darkness of the grim dark future, there is only TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA!**
In celebration of our victory over the evil forces of non-funding, we are holding a private backers-and-friends only party this Saturday night, in our home town of Ventura, CA.
The party will be at Green Art People, a block off Main Street in scenic downtown Ventura. Green Art People is a nonprofit community art center that I volunteer for. They have graciously offered to let us use their venue for our private event.  It is kid-friendly and we're starting early.  Check their web site at: http://www.greenartpeople.com to see what the venue is like.
I will be following up this email with a backer-only email where you can RSVP to the event. More information will come in an email to the RSVP'ers. There will be nosh, beverages, music, Ars Victor, and other games!

Next Update

I will update before next week with the state of the fixes and any news we have on the distributor front.
*: And by "sleep", I mean, "sleep and Game of Thrones". 
**: NO, it is NOT actually a toga party. But you can wear one if you like.  Never let it be said that I ever discouraged someone from wearing a toga in public!

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