Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Tournament Season is Upon Us!

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Are you ready to get your hands on Ars Victor and play a few games? Are you yearning for the tense, savage competition?  Do you have your eye on a free pre-release copy? A three-day pass to Gamex? Or the cash grand prize?

Well, lucky you -- the Ars Victor Spring Tournament Season is open for business! During the month of May, we'll be running several tournaments at local game stores and gaming groups. We'll wrap it up at another big three-day tournament at Gamex 2013, with another cash prize for the grand champion!

Our first in-store event will be held MAY 4th, at Gameology, in Montclair:
Read more to find out about the rest of the events and the grand tournament at Gamex...

It will be sort of like this, except more like
"To the loss of your last point of Glory."

A Fight to the Pain

Each weekend, we'll run a full tournament at a different venue. Each tournament will consist of two parts:
  • A swiss-style Open Tournament Play period. You can play as many games as you like, to build the best match record.  Losses don't hurt your record, so you're encouraged to play as many games as you can!
  • A single-elimination Final Four Championship.  The top four players face off to win the grand prize.  We'll record the final match and provide commentary.
The first and second place winners will also automatically qualify for the Grand Championship finals! This means that you won't have to compete in the open play on Friday and Saturday: you can just show up Sunday for the cash prize competition.

We'll bring the tutorial video and our A/V equipment, and teach everyone how to play. There will be multiple Ars Victor staff available to help you out. And on top of that, you will get to meet the charming, lovable, and ever-so-modest designer (who also happens to be writing this post).

Sans fat guy in a robotic chair who shoots missiles.

Big Money!  Big Prizes!  I LOVE IT!

There will be prizes at each of the in-store tournament days.  Can you climb to the peak of a mountain made from the severed heads of your enemies?  If you do, you'll win:
  • A Signed Pre-Release Edition of Ars Victor!  You will be the envy of both friends and foes, as you bask in the glory of being able to play Ars Victor months before the rest of the plebians.
  • A full, three-day pass to Gamex 2013!  Since you're pre-qualified for the finals, you might as well enjoy the rest of the convention!
And of course, there's the cash prize for the winner of the Grand Championship at Gamex 2013!

One of the final championship matches from our tournament at Gateway 2012.
David Gerson (left) watches as Jackson Sauthoff (right) makes a move.  Ars Victor staff watch with bated breath.

The Grand Championship

At Gamex 2013, we'll hold a similar two-part event:

  • We'll have Open Tournament Play on Friday and Saturday.  Anyone can come by, watch the Video Tutorial, grab a sample army, and hop in a game!
  • The Grand Championship Finals will be held Sunday afternoon.  The top sixteen players will compete in single-elimination matches until only one is left standing.

You don't have to play at the in-store tournaments to make it to the finals -- but it helps!  The first and second place players will automatically qualify for the finals.  They don't have to prove themselves again in the open play.

Tournament Schedule

At this point, we only have solid commitments for two events: the first weekend of May at Gameology, and the championship at Gamex.  We're still working out details for the other two weekends.  If you know a group or venue that you think would want to host, let me know!

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