Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gateway 2012 Launch: GREAT SUCCESS

Well, we had an amazing launch at Gateway 2012 in September.  Thank you to everyone who attended and kicked the crap out of each other at the Ars Victor launch!

Gateway is an annual game convention held in Los Angeles, with a couple thousand attendees.  People come from all over Southern California and beyond.  There's a ton of scheduled events, as well as a giant open gaming room.  We thought it would be a great place for our first public launch.

An Ars Victor Invasion

The wonderful folks at Strategicon hooked us up with an enormous space -- we filled up the entire hall between the dealer room and the open gaming room with ten full tables of Ars Victor goodness.

The hall was already filling up on Friday afternoon.
I was having nightmares about presiding over an empty room all weekend -- those fears were quickly extinguished as the hall filled up on Friday afternoon.

Everything worked brilliantly.  We herded new players into a dedicated room (not shown in the pictures) where we were constantly running the tutorial videos on a big projector.  The players came out of the screening and jumped right into a game.  We had a handful of tournament staff wandering around and answering questions.

Hardcore Mofos still playing at 11:30 PM on Saturday night!
If Friday was great, Saturday was even better!  We had full tables throughout most of the day.  We saw lots of return players -- some of them with their eye on the $500 in cash prizes, and others just loved the game.  We had only planned to run until 7 PM that night.  However, due to the extreme demand, we continued running until 11:30 PM!

And we probably would have kept playing, too, except for the games of "Cash and Guns" and "Werewolf" that needed to use the hall.

The Few, The Proud, The Ars Victor Finalists

Stevo proudly presides over the savagery and suffering
that his game has wrought.

The top-ranked players from all the open play on Friday and Saturday got to compete in the single-elimination playoffs on Sunday.  For a handful of extremely stressful hours, the best of the best got to slug it out for the first and second place prizes.

Because of the skill and stakes involved, it was actually really fun just watching the players.  I was amazed at how good some people had become after just a couple days of playing.

The winner?  David Gerson ended up winning the first place prize of $400 after a brutal battle against Jackson Sauthoff, who took home the $100 prize.
A whiteboard cannot convey the tension and agony
that these players went through in a single afternoon.

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