Friday, June 8, 2012

June 16th QUAE VICTOR, new Prototype-3 Rules Release

I'm hosting another QUAE VICTOR? Tournament at my house on June 16th.  It's open to new players and veterans alike!  Hands-on training will be given to newbies, so don't be afraid of jumping in!  I'm also releasing new PDF's of the rules, the "approved" unit list, and the quick reference.

Will you be Victorious?

The invitation has gone out to everyone on our e-mail list -- which you can join here.  If you want to come to this event, but you didn't get the invite, e-mail me at and I'll forward it to you.

Rules changes, Prototype-3 Release

The State of the Ars Victor.
Right before we went to Gamex, I engaged in a frenzy of rules-trimming and cleanup.  You can find the new PDF's here:

Major changes include:

  • Stealth/Decoys were removed. Only one unit used these rules in the Empire of Man list (Scavengers), and it was fairly weak and didn't get used much.  I think it added a lot more rules complexity, for a feature that didn't seem to add much.  I'll experiment with the Stealth mechanics more once I we start to test the faction list for The Fallen.
  • Major Doctrine Changes.  After much playtesting, I took a pass at balancing out the doctrines.  I eliminated Lucky -- it ended up being inordinately useful, and it had become a must-pick for any army.  I also reduced the effectiveness of some of the double-use doctrines, like Fierce.
  • Movement Simplification.  I eliminated a couple of movement restrictions that have been in the game for a while, but are always a source of confusion for new players.  First, units are no longer prevented from entering SLOW terrain when they use their Run movement.  Second, units are no longer prevented from using their Small Arms when they Walk into SLOW terrain.

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