Wednesday, April 11, 2012

QUAE VICTOR? March Bootcamp Results!

First off, thanks to Mike "Warmfuzzy" Bott for hosting our March QUAE VICTOR? session at his home in Rancho Cucamonga!  Here's the video from the last game:

Read on for more news of the event...

Mike surveys the results of his ambitious offensive.

Boot Camp to the Head

This was our first test run of the "Boot Camp" format we're developing.  Ars Victor has a tutorial, consisting of four missions that I call the Tour of Duty.  During our Boot Camp, I explain the game to a roomful of players, and help them all play through the entire Tour of Duty.

The first mission includes only the bare essentials -- four identical units a side, a trimmed down map, and reduced Glory.  It's the equivalent of playing chess with a quarter-sized board and four pawns apiece.  The next three missions each add a bit more of the game's rules.  Before you know it, you're playing a full game with a pre-built roster.  Finish that, and you're ready for the fighting pits!

We reverted to old-style stand-up banners.
Primarily because they looked way cooler.

In Living Color

Mike and Dave got to play with the oversized map tiles; they're great for showing off how you can use any of your existing miniatures to play Ars Victor with your friends.

Mike's been itching to play his Hellspawn army, using the miniatures collection he purchased and painted for Some Other Game.  Unfortunately, the mean old referee (yours truly) forced him to play the sissy Terrans, so as not to confuse his new opponent, Dave Lowe.

Using the miniatures on the big board really made the game look sexy.  It reminded both me and Mike of the aesthetic you get from a miniatures game.  Yes, it really is about the toys.

Here they come!
I brought a bunch of figures I've been buying used on the cheap.  They were from a couple of different games, but it didn't matter -- each figure just represented a single step in a unit.  Because the players were pushing around a bunch of figures every time they moved anyways, it made sense to just use the Prototype-1 stand-up banners.


  1. lol, Dave and I look so stressed!

  2. i think that's because you both *were* stressed, lol

    i love the intensity in the video. i especially love how dave is totally explaining the intricate, cunning parts of his strategy... and it's his first real game.

    i think the tutorial missions are working. :)